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Words Into Deeds

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    Words Into Deeds promotes engagement by students of all ages in projects that directly involve them in human rights based community service, both locally and internationally. This is accomplished by working with teachers and adult sponsors to develop best practice strategies and garner motivating resources that support inquiry-based learning. Working individually or in teams, student-selected projects are researched, designed, then implemented, resulting in positive social change. Increased understanding of cultural, socioeconomic, and philosophical differences among peoples, and response through active involvement fosters individual growth as global citizens. Although students and community leaders see and hear about problems, conflicts, and natural disasters outside of their immediate environment, for most the human suffering associated with these events is invisible. Words Into Deeds brings the worldly experiences of experts, activists, and artists to the classrooms and communities, fostering authentic inquiry and shared discourse into real world issues. Gertrude also works closely with United Nations programs that foster leadership and global citizenship among youth and educators.

    Gertrude Noden brings two decades as classroom teacher and outreach program developer, wherein she nurtures young adults to become world citizens through her innovative Human Rights informed action plans. Gertrude's vision has brought thousands of student ideas to fruition through local and global humanitarian projects, which have been recognized by national and international organizations.